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Is Hiring a Public Adjuster Worth It?

If you have never had to deal with filing a claim against your property insurance, you may be wondering whether it is worth it to retain the services of a Public Adjuster. Your insurance company will likely advise you the process will be quick and painless for you – they will send out their adjuster who will assess the damage and decide on a total value of your claim. What your insurance company isn’t telling you is that following that procedure does not protect your interests in the claim, only the interests of the insurance company.

If you choose to forego retaining a public defender and instead rely on your insurance company’s adjuster to properly assess your claim, you will most certainly be leaving money on the table when all is said and done. The insurance adjuster is a company man whose directive is to limit the exposure of your insurance company when it comes to payouts for claims, so they will do all they can to low-ball repair estimates and gloss over damages to your property. Once they have a figure in mind they will push you to sign an agreement, telling you it is in your best interests to act quickly so they can provide you with funds as soon as possible. This will leave you in the lurch when the actual cost of repairs exceeds the payout for your claim.

Your other option is retaining the services of a Public Adjuster to handle the claims process for you. While it is true a reputable Public Adjuster’s fee is a percentage of the final payout for your claim, they take this into consideration when negotiating with the insurance company to ensure the final amount you will receive is sufficient to properly complete the repairs and restoration of your property. Statistics indicate the final amount received by those who avail themselves of the services of a Public Adjuster is, on average, greater than the amount received by those who go it alone, even when taking into consideration the Public Adjuster’s fee. Not only will you be sure to receive all the benefits you are entitled to, the arduous task of assembling the claim documentation and negotiating with the insurance company will be handled on your behalf, leaving you to focus on your everyday life.

There is nothing pleasant about preparing and submitting a claim against your property insurance policy. Not only is the task itself time-consuming and tedious, it usually is taking place immediately following your property sustaining damage or destruction. To add insult to injury, your insurance company will do their best to take advantage of your ignorance in this process in order to minimize their payout for your claim. You can prevent this by retaining the services of a Public Adjuster. At People’s Insurance Claim Center, we have decades of experience working with the community and insurance agencies of South Florida. We’ve cultivated the talent and expertise necessary to achieve a satisfactory resolution for your claim. Call us today at 305-956-3666 for a free claim analysis and let us start defending your rights and interests.

If your home or your business has suffered a loss, please call  our experts at (305) 956-3666 or visit for a FREE claim analysis with PICC.

We will make sure you get what you deserve from your insurance claim for your property damage

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