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I’m Unhappy with the Result of my Claim - What can I Do?

This is a situation which plays out every day across the country, and indeed we at People’s Insurance Claim Center receive such calls all the time. You decided to take on the insurance claim process yourself, feeling yourself equipped to handle this task. Now the insurance company has bullied you into a corner, and are offering a settlement which will not adequately cover the repair and restoration of your property which you were after. There may be some recourse for you in this situation, depending on a few factors.

First, if you have entered into an agreement with your insurance carrier regarding the settlement of your claim, it is unfortunately too late to back out. The settlement agreement you signed is a binding legal contract releasing your insurance carrier of any additional liability regarding your claim. Unless your insurer fails to uphold their end of the agreement, there is nothing you can do except take your settlement money, repair your property, and consider your experience a lesson learned regarding the value of retaining the services of a public adjuster for your insurance claim.

If your insurance provider has proffered a settlement agreement but you have not yet signed it, there may still be time to salvage some additional funds for your claim if you act quickly. While it is true you are now in a weak position in terms of negotiating power, a public adjuster may still be able to recover some additional funds for your claim. At People’s Insurance Claim Center, we will exhaust every available avenue in order to maximize your monetary benefit from your insurance claim so you may get back to normal as quickly and painlessly as possible. It would be best to call us the moment your property sustains damage, but even at this late stage there are still often options available to us to increase your final settlement amount.

Too often we hear from clients who chose to pursue their insurance claim independently, only to find the results they achieve are far from satisfactory. This is an unfortunate situation, but often a more amenable result can be salvaged depending on where you are in the claims process. At People’s Insurance Claim Center, our agents are standing by to jump in and help you recover all the funds necessary to repair your home or business and get back to normal life. If you are unhappy with your insurance company’s offer, call us now at 305-956-3666 and we will provide a free claim analysis to determine if there is any way we can help you achieve a satisfactory result!

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