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I have Mold in my Home! What should I do?

South Florida is a beautiful tropical climate, but with that climate comes constant humidity and damp. This is a perfect recipe for mold, as any leaking water will certainly not evaporate but instead constantly soak whatever surface it happens to settle upon. Mold is a common problem for homeowners in this area, but for those who have relocated from a drier, cooler climate you are likely unfamiliar with how to handle the discovery of mold in your home. Here are some things you should do right away to resolve the issue and get your property back to pristine condition.

First, if the mold is in close proximity to the bedrooms in the home, or if there is a substantial amount, you should temporarily evacuate the home in order to eliminate the potential of illness in your family. Mold can cause all sorts of respiratory problems and infections, and depending on the strain of mold these can be life threatening. Best to avoid running the risk of infection, if possible, and house you and your family in a hotel or rental property until mold remediation is completed. The expense for this temporary relocation, as well as mold remediation, can often be covered by your homeowner’s insurance depending on the details surrounding the cause of the mold damage and other factors.

Now that you have ensured the safety of you and your family, you can engage the services of a mold remediation company to remove the damaged materials as well as any other impacted items in the home. It is important to retain the services of a highly reputable remediation company, as mold impacts both the integrity of your home’s structure as well as the health and wellness of you and your loved ones. At People’s Insurance Claim Center, we have years of experience helping property owners recover from mold damage to their structures. We know the best service providers in the industry, and we are well-versed in successfully recovering sufficient funds from your insurance carrier to cover the cost of relocation for your family as well as the bill for remediation services.

Mold damage is a nightmare for property owners here in South Florida, as it poses a risk to both your structure and the health of those residing at the property. You may be feeling overwhelmed having spotted some mold in your home, but do not let yourself be paralyzed by indecisiveness! People’s Insurance Claim Center is here to help you find and retain the services of a mold remediation company as well as file and see to it that your insurance claim receives a property payout. Call us today at 305-956-3666 and let us provide a free claim analysis as well as recommendation for a service provider. Let us take some of the burden off your shoulders so you can focus on keeping your family safe and keeping your life running smoothly as your property is restored to normal working order!

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