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Why you Should Consider a Public Adjuster for your Commercial Claim

As a business owner, your primary concern is the successful operation of your business so you may provide for your family and your employees. When your business suffers a loss as a result of property damage, you should be able to focus on getting back to business as usual rather than getting sidetracked trying to handle the insurance company and claims process. A Public Adjuster can take the arduous and time-consuming claims process of of your hands, leaving you to focus on the restoration of your business to normal working order. Hiring a Public Adjuster also ensures your claim is handled properly and you receive all the benefits you are entitled to as outlined by your commercial insurance policy.

The day-to-day operation of your business has likely been significantly impacted by the property damaged you are currently working through. You want to be able to focus on expediting repairs and minimizing the amount of revenue lost as a result of these damages, but the amount of time and effort required to properly document and file your insurance claim can easily dominate your schedule. As a successful business owner, you have surely learned the importance of being able to delegate tasks in order to effectively manage your time and energy. A Public Adjuster will handle all aspects of the claims process for your business, from assessing and documenting damage sustained to a complete accounting of lost revenue resulting from this damage. You can rest easy knowing competent professionals are handling your claim, leaving you to get back to your business.

Another important fact to consider is that without a Public Adjuster you are left to battle your insurance company alone. Just like you, their primary concern is their bottom line which means they are NOT on your side during the claims process. They will send out their company man to assess the damage and determine an estimated total value for your claim. Remember, this adjuster represents the insurance company and their interests, not yours! By retaining the services of a Public Adjuster, you protect your interests in the claims process and ensure you get all the money owed to you as outlined in your policy.

Part of business is properly handling risk, and for your business this means carrying an appropriate amount of commercial insurance to protect you from damages beyond your control. It is an unfortunate reality that despite paying your insurance premiums without fail for years, when the time comes for you to file a claim against your policy your insurer will do all in their power to minimize the payout for your claim. The best way for you to combat their efforts and ensure a sufficient payout for your business is by retaining a Public Adjuster.

At People’s Insurance Claim Center, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to properly document the damage you sustained and secure an appropriate payout for your claim.

Call us today at 305-956-3666 so our team of professionals can fight to get your business the money you deserve.

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