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Why Hire a Public Adjuster?

When people’s homes or businesses are lost to fire, hurricane, or other incident, the process of navigating insurance claims and recovery can be difficult and emotionally draining. Moreover, without the expertise in filing a claim, consumers often are at an extreme disadvantage.

​Why A Public Adjuster?

​•    For the personalized expert assistance Public Adjusters provide in preparing and adjusting a claim, allowing the property owner to receive accurate analysis of their circumstance and policyholder rights as early as possible.

•    The primary reason a Public Adjuster is hired is to help the policyholder fully recover from their insurance company, for all covered damages sustained in the event of a loss. Public Adjusters inspect all areas to demonstrate the entire impact of the loss-producing event.

•    Public Adjusters will typically be more complete in their damage analysis than their insurance company counterparts or the inexperienced policyholder on his or her own because they are trained for it, provide a personalized service with that concept in mind, and because they do not receive any fees until policyholders receive their claims reimbursement.

•    Public Adjusters share a similar interest with the policyholder in achieving the most accurate comprehensive claim payment possible, and in an expedited manner that results in payments to policyholders.

​The Public Adjuster’s Role

•    The Public Adjuster measures and documents a policyholder’s loss on behalf of that policyholder, taking care of the claim process and helping to document all losses to the insurance company adjuster.  

•    The Public Adjuster’s sole responsibility, unlike that of an insurance company adjuster, is to advocate for the policyholder’s position in the claim.  

​•      Generally, a Public Adjuster handles claims for damage to real and personal property, and the related loss of income, which results from such perils as fire, lightning, wind, water, vandalism, theft, collapse, hail, flood, etc.

•    The standard compensation of a Public Adjuster is a contingency fee in the range of

10% - 20% of the amount adjusted.

•    When a Public Adjuster is working in a contingency fee arrangement, the Public Adjuster is paid by the policyholder after the claim has been paid by the insurance company.

If your home or your business has suffered a loss, please call  our experts at (305) 956-3666 or visit for a FREE claim analysis with PICC.

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