What's the Difference Between Public Adjusters and Insurance Company Adjusters

Updated: Jan 9

If you’re filing an insurance claim, one of the first things that you need to understand is the difference between public adjusters and insurance company adjusters.

The jobs performed by adjusters for the general public and insurance company adjuster is fairly similar in that both kinds of adjusters manage insurance claims in order to come to a settlement and eventual payout.

Of course, only one of them is in your corner.

Public adjusters are on the side of the insured party – you and your company – the party that is making the claim after a loss and want to maximize the payout for their clients, while insurance adjusters are on the side of the insurance company and generally want to pay out the lowest sum possible.

Insurance staff adjusters, insurance appraisers, or company adjusters have an obligation to do what’s best for the company.

Note that at times, insurance companies hire an independent adjuster on a contractual basis for specific types of complex claims.

These home insurance adjusters, while independent, still work for the insurance company and are usually paid a percentage of the claim as well.

But remember that an independent insurance adjuster may not be on your side in the same way that a public adjuster is – they still get paid by the insurance company.

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