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What is a Public Adjuster?

The vast majority of homeowners and business owners across the country are unaware that public adjusters exist. This is not surprising, as the property insurance industry has done their best to avoid spotlighting the existence of these helpful third party assessors. As a property owner, it is beneficial for you to understand what a public adjuster is and how these professionals can help you recover all the funds due you during the insurance claim process. Let’s look at what exactly a public adjuster is and how their services may benefit you should you need to file a claim with your property insurance carrier.

A public adjuster is an independent, objective third party whose role is to accurately assess the property damage you have sustained and to negotiate on your behalf with your insurance carrier to appropriately resolve your claim. This is a far preferable process for you as the property owner, given the alternative is relying on your insurance carrier’s own adjuster to determine the extent of damages, validity of repair estimates, and ultimately the total payout for your claim. As you can see, this traditional route is skewed to benefit the insurance carrier, as their adjuster has a compelling motive to minimize the payout to you, the property owner, in order to save their employer as much money as possible.

Now that you understand what a public adjuster does, you are probably asking yourself when it is worth it to engage their services. Minor claims against your homeowner’s insurance, with repair estimates totaling under one thousand dollars, would not benefit from the expertise of a public adjuster. However, for more substantial claims in excess of several thousand dollars, or indeed for most claims involving your business, a public adjuster can be the difference between a smooth return to normalcy and a long, drawn out nightmare resulting in an unsatisfactory resolution. At the People’s Insurance Claim Center, we offer a free claim analysis in order to help you determine whether it is worth retaining our services in order to both expedite your claim process and maximize the financial compensation you receive. If you have recently sustained damage to your home or business, and are feeling a bit uncertain as you navigate the claims process, call us today at 305-956-3666 and let us eliminate some of the vagaries of this process and determine the best course of action for you!

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