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What does a Public Adjuster do for Me?

Most property owners are unaware that public adjusters exist, let alone the details of the services provided by these professionals. It is important you as a home or business owner understand the role a public adjuster could play in your insurance claim process, as their services could make a substantial difference in your experience and satisfaction with the outcome of your claim. Let’s examine what you can expect your public adjuster to handle on your behalf through the claims process.

The first thing your public adjuster will handle is the assessment and documentation of all the damage to your property. This will require some assistance on your part, especially if there were personal property items lost during the event. Documentation of your ownership and the replacement value of these items will largely come from you, but the evaluation of damage to any structures as well as the estimated cost of repairs will be handled by the public adjuster. This is usually where the difference is made between a successful recovery of sufficient funds and an unsatisfactory result for you, the property owner. An accurate and complete estimate of the cost of repairs is in your best interest, but if you rely on your insurance carrier’s adjuster to complete this important task you may find yourself short changed in the final settlement amount.

Once the total repair and replacement cost for your claim is determined, your public adjuster will then begin advocating on your behalf with your insurance carrier. Ultimately, insurance companies are in the business to make money, and they do this by minimizing their payouts for claims filed by their clients. A public adjuster is far more familiar with the complex and opaque world of insurance claims, and is therefore better qualified to maximize the final payout for you, the property owner. The negotiations between the claimant and insurance carrier are often long and arduous, just one more compelling reason to enlist the services of a public adjuster. You will be kept abreast of any developments regarding your claim, but will not have to lift a finger to aid in the negotiations.

Public Adjusters are little-known but highly valued professionals whose job is to assist property owners through their insurance claim process from start to finish. While you may have a passing familiarity with the existence of public adjusters, most Americans have no idea what services these men and women provide. A public adjuster is a huge assistance to any property owner who is in a situation where they must file a claim with their insurer; this complicated multi-step process is best left in the hands of those with experience as well as a requisite amount of time and attention to dedicate to the task. At People’s Insurance Claim Center, we pride ourselves on the excellent service we provide our clients. Visit our website and read some of the testimonials of our satisfied clients, and call us today at 305-956-3666 so we may provide you with a complimentary claim analysis and explanation of how we will ensure a satisfactory and pain-free claims process for you!

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