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The Pros & Cons of Hiring a Public Adjuster

Deciding how to handle your home insurance claim can be a tricky, and worse, it usually comes at a time where you don’t need more work or decisions to make.  Put simply, the pros of hiring a public adjuster are:


-Likelihood of a getting a larger settlement

-Decreased anxiety in the insurance claim process

-Public Insurance adjusters are experienced in the process and can make sure you get what you deserve

-Less paperwork and hassle for you

-Less (FOMO): Fear of Missing out on some damage you didn’t notice


-Public Adjusters will need to be paid, and usually take a percentage of your claim

That is the short story – with a public adjuster you get an advocate on your behalf, at the cost that typically is some percentage of your settlement.  If you get more than what you would have gotten, then this is a good deal, or even if you get the same amount, then you win because you have less stress and hassle.

The longer version of the story is this:

Filling out a claim can be difficult.  You will need to report your property damages to your insurance carrier properly.  Then you will need to meet with your insurance adjuster to go over damages that you believe were the result of the cause and justify it to your insurance adjuster.  Most Likely your insurance adjuster who is experienced in his field might want to bring in an expert to examine your causation as well.

Hiring a professional public adjuster from the inception of your claim will make sure that your property damage insurance claim is reported properly.  While being experienced in the property damage industry they should also have a well trained eye to seek out damages due to your causation that may not be obvious to you the homeowner/business owner.

Most likely you might be entitled to recover for damages you never thought of our noticed based on severity of our claim and your insurance policy.  An example of this would be; A broken pipe in a certain location in a house may result in a higher insurance claim settlement due to the location of the pipe break.  Most property owners might not know that.

A professional public adjuster will need to provide the insurance companies adjuster a fully detailed estimate of damages and scope of work when he/she meets with your insurance adjuster in your house for inspection(s) He/she will also need to know how to justify all the damages and cost they are claiming for.

Receive a Larger Settlement with a Public Adjuster

Hiring a licensed and professional public adjuster DO RESULT in a 747% HIGHER insurance claim settlement on your property insurance claims (OPPAGA analysis has reported).

Have Someone on your side

Another benefit of hiring a public adjuster from the inception of your property claim is that your insurance company will understand that they cannot lowball your property claim settlement from the beginning since there is professional representation of a public adjuster. 

Your public adjusters interest will always be the insureds interest since they don’t get paid if you don’t.  They will always make sure you are getting exactly what you are entitled too.

Most times exactly what you are entitled too is not obvious to you the property owner.

In EVERY processional situation you should have the proper representation, whether it be a real estate agent, accountant or an attorney.  Your insurance company has experts working for them, why wouldn’t you?

If your home or your business has suffered a loss, please call  our experts at (305) 956-3666 or visit for a FREE claim analysis with PICC.

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