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Steps to take after Suffering Fire Damage

Fires are a nightmare for property owners, as they spread quickly and destroy everything in their path. Hopefully you never find yourself in a situation where your home or business sustains damage as a result of a fire, but the world is an unpredictable place and these things happen. If the unthinkable does occur and you are faced with fire damage to your home or business, there are a few steps you should take immediately following the incident in order to expedite the insurance claim and recovery process.

Your first priority should be to secure temporary housing for you and your family, as a fire damaged home will be uninhabitable for the foreseeable future. Whatever accommodations you arrange, be sure to keep any financial records as these expenses should be covered by your insurance policy. It may be advisable to look for a short-term rental property as opposed to a hotel as you and your family will likely be unable to return to your residence for some time. Most vacation rental property managers will take into consideration your extraordinary circumstances when negotiating the rent for your stay, so be sure to communicate your situation with them in full.

Once you have secured lodgings for you and your family, you should begin to assemble whatever documentation you have as to your possessions and valuables that were destroyed in the fire. Hopefully, your important financial documents and receipts for big ticket items were stored in a fireproof safe, or a location outside your home. Gather together all the records you have available to you and share them with whoever is handling your insurance claim. It is a good idea to retain the services of a Public Adjuster for a claim involving fire damage to your property, as this is a significant financial loss to you with many complex aspects which will require much back and forth with your insurance company. An experienced Public Adjuster can ensure you receive all the financial compensation necessary to recover from this devastating occurrence, allowing you to get back to your life as quickly and painlessly as possible.

A fire at your home or business is a terrible ordeal with the potential to damage or destroy both the structure itself and all your valuables within. In a perfect world, you will never have to go through such a scenario, but the reality is a fire can happen to anyone. If you find yourself suffering property damage as a result of a fire, do not feel helpless. There are steps you can take to expedite your recovery from this tragedy, one of which should certainly be retaining a Public Adjuster to handle your claim. Losses due to a fire can be extensive and complex, and the knowledge and experience of a Public Adjuster will go a long way to ensure you receive all the funds you need to return to normal life. At People’s Insurance Claim Center, we have decades of experience navigating the complicated world of insurance claims, and we will fight to get you every dollar you deserve. Call us today for a free claim analysis at 305-956-3666 so we may devise a plan of action for your claim.

If your home or your business has suffered a loss, please call  our experts at (305) 956-3666 or visit for a FREE claim analysis with PICC.

We will make sure you get what you deserve from your insurance claim for your property damage

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