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Should I Get a Public Adjuster for a Commercial Claim?

Commercial property and the damages that follow come at random. Damage to a condominium building, a common area in Florida, is known as a commercial property loss. Not all commercial losses focus on day-to-day business, trade or commerce.

A commercial company has their own policies and endorsements, that in most cases, are molded to their specific policy needs. As a result, losses to a business can and involve significant issues and require a seasoned public adjuster to handle. Management’s first and most important job is to resume business as usual and get the company up and running. Churchill Public Adjusters should be retained at the very beginning of a loss allowing management to focus on issues that will restore the business to its prior state.

No one will ever know the details of your business more than you do. After your company has undergone a significant loss, you need to be on your feet. At this time, you should be focusing on keeping your business functioning, instead of having to deal with your insurance company and trying to learn all the information there are about insurances. The most efficient way to grounding your commercial claim is by, having a solid foundation of documentation and evidence. This is where our public adjusters take a step in to take the lead.

Case Study

An earthquake of a 6.8 magnitude took place in Seattle, Washington in 2001. This disaster gravely damaged a Starbucks corporate building. A year before this earthquake, the Starbucks building was seismically retrofitted. The owners of the building hired a public adjuster to address the insurances position knowing that the building had already endured a 6.8 magnitude earthquake and was an old building from the year 1910. The public adjuster formed a group of engineers that made an extensive analysis proving that the 6.8 earthquake had caused the cracks and damages to the building. In the end, the owners of the building were able to make reparations according to how they felt would be the best protection for their future assets.

L’Auberge Chez François is a French cuisine restaurant located in the metro Washington, D. C area. They suffered an electrical short which ignited their two-alarm fire. There were water and smoke that also damaged the structure. They hired public adjusters to be able to help them in bringing their property back to its original condition. They wanted to maintain their employees, so they had to convince the insurance companies to pay their employees during the recovery period. They won and had the insurance company pay an agreed-upon sum every week to each employee until it reopened. The outcome was that after six months, the company reopened as if a fire had never occurred.

Having a public adjuster with you throughout your claim gives you a much higher chance of receiving all the compensation for the damages derived from your property and even compensation you think you couldn’t get.

Don’t ask yourself anymore: “Should I hire a public adjuster?” If you want to avoid dealing with insurance companies, get everything that is owed to you and possibly more, and re-establish your business, then the answer is yes! Get in touch with us.


What Do Commercial Insurances Cover? Commercial insurances cover damages caused by disasters such as storms, fires, and other disasters. These damages include revenue lost due to the business having to shut down or rebuild. For example, a business makes a revenue of about 1 million throughout a 6 month period. This business is out-of-operation due to a fire that destroyed the entire business; requiring the business to rebuild. That company can be entitled to the 1 million of future revenue that will be lost during their time not being in business if the rebuilding process takes six months. The amount of compensation is dependent on the revenue by the time frame.

What Losses Can You Suffer? A business can suffer a great amount of loss. It can range from your current expertly trained employees, to a year’s revenue. Here are some losses a business may endure:Loss of production Loss of property Loss of future revenue Loss of employees Loss of customers

How We Help Your Business

With so many years of experience and combined knowledge, we have assisted so many business owners in recovering from extensive interruptions and even little interruptions done to their property by disasters such as floods, hurricanes, and other disasters. If you are one of these businesses who has suffered from a disaster, we will help you. Taking on these claims by yourself can be very difficult if you do not fully comprehend everything associated with your insurance company and claim. Our main goal is not to just acquire the most of out your claim, but to also help you through this stressful recovery process. We will be your guide, holding your hand every step of the way

If your home or your business has suffered a loss, please call  our experts at (305) 956-3666 or visit for a FREE claim analysis with PICC.

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