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Preventative Maintenance for Property Owners

As the owner of a home or business, you should be well versed in the necessary upkeep for your property. However, those who are new to the South Florida area may be unaware of some of the steps they should take in order to keep their home or business safe and damage free. Let’s review a few of the preventative maintenance tasks unique to the South Florida area which you as a property owner should incorporate into your annual home care routine.

One of the biggest preventative maintenance tasks which should be completed every year is a review and trimming of any trees and other landscape features on your property. Trees are the number one cause of damage during a hurricane, as downed limbs transform into projectiles in heavy winds which could cause devastation to any structures on your property. There is no shortage of tree trimmers here in South Florida, and may offer annual contracts which include regular maintenance visits in order to keep your trees clean and free from any old or damaged limbs. You should find a reputable service provider in your area and have them visit your property at least once a year to ensure no potential projectiles are hiding in your landscaping!

Another important task you as a homeowner should complete annually is an assessment of the condition of the exterior protections your home has against hurricanes, mainly hurricane shutters. Most homes in South Florida have either impact rated doors and windows or hurricane shutters in order to protect against wind damage. If your home is equipped with hurricane shutters, you should ensure they remain in good working order and are ready to be installed at a moment’s notice. It is a good idea to install your hurricane shutters at least once a year regardless if there is a threatening storm, if only to be certain there are no damaged or missing components and to keep yourself well-versed in the installation process.

Owning property in South Florida is a blessing, and it is important to take steps to ensure your home or business remains safe and prepared in the event of a storm. Annual property upkeep is a fact of life for all property owners, but here in South Florida there are some tasks which are unique to our area given the threat of hurricanes. For those new to the area, you should take care to incorporate the maintenance actions listed above into your annual home upkeep routine so that you are fully prepared in case of a powerful storm. At People’s Insurance Claim Center, we are here to provide guidance both in terms of preventative maintenance and, should the unthinkable occur, the recovery process from property damage. Call us any time for a free claim analysis at 305-956-3666 and let us help you keep your South Florida home or business in pristine condition!

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