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Options for Business Owners Suffering Closure due to Pandemic

Many business owners today are suffering at the hands of the CoVID-19 pandemic. Forced storefront closures, reduced maximum capacities, and increased expenses due to additional health and safety requirements are pummeling small business owners with added costs and lost revenues. In these uncertain times any assistance is welcome, and many commercial insurance policies cover the loss of revenue due to government-mandated closures. Commercial coverage in these situations is often confusing and mired in legal terminology designed to discourage the average business owner from attempting to file a claim. A Public Adjuster can make sense of this legal verbiage and ensure you receive all the benefits outlined in your policy.

Typical commercial property policies include coverage for both physical loss or damage to property as well as loss due to actions of civil authority. Physical loss or damage to your property is not limited to visible structural damage – if your property has been found to be contaminated with CoVID-19 and was required to close and undergo extensive sanitation procedures, the cost of the sanitation as well as the revenue lost during the closure could be recoverable expenses through your insurance policy. A Public Adjuster will be able to determine the extent of coverage available to you under your commercial policy, and will negotiate on your behalf to secure the maximum benefits detailed in the policy.

Actions of Civil Authority also trigger coverage under most commercial insurance policies. Local and state governments have issued broad stay-at-home orders as well as mandated closures of swathes of businesses throughout South Florida and the United States. The closure of your business’s storefront constitutes a physical loss under the law, and as such your insurance policy should cover the revenues lost as a result of these government orders. The sections of your policy which outline the limits of coverage in these instances will likely be intentionally obtuse with many clauses and exclusions designed to limit exposure for your insurance company. An experienced and knowledgeable Public Adjuster can help contest the legitimacy of these exclusions and negotiate with the insurance company to get you and your business the funds you need to stay afloat during these difficult times.

During these times of uncertainty and economic turmoil, you should be able to rely on your commercial insurance having faithfully paid your premiums for years. The truth of the matter is an insurance company is interested primarily in their own profits, meaning they will go to any lengths to avoid paying out for your insurance claim. At People’s Insurance Claim Center, we have decades of experience handling commercial insurance claims on behalf of our clients in order to secure all the benefits entitled to them under the terms of their policy.

Call us today at 305-956-3666 for a free claim analysis so we many determine the best course of action for you and your business.

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