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Hurricane Ida - A Sobering Reminder for South Floridians

As our thoughts and prayers are with the people of New Orleans and the surrounding areas, residents of South Florida should go over their own hurricane preparedness so you are ready should a strong storm visit our beautiful shores. There are more than a few things you can do to be better prepared for the inevitable hurricane, some of which will only take you a minute or two. Let’s look at some quick but important proactive measures you should take in order to lessen the potential devastation you may experience at the hands of a storm.

First, you should keep a running file containing photos and receipts for all your valuable purchases contained in your home. Furniture, televisions, jewelry - anything with a substantial monetary value should be included in this inventory. Should you need to file a claim requesting the replacement cost value of any of these items, your inventory file will be an invaluable part of this claim. Assembling your inventory may be a bit of a chore at first, but once you have a file up and running it will simply be a matter of adding to it every time a major purchase occurs. You should store this file digitally in the cloud, if possible, as this will ensure it does not get destroyed in the event of a storm.

Another measure of caution you can take to better prepare for a hurricane is establishing a plan of action for when a storm strikes. Determine whether or not you and your family will evacuate the area or hunker down in place. If you opt to shelter in place, you should have emergency supplies on hand to ride out any loss of power and/or water during the storm. A battery powered radio, charging packs for cell phones, ready to eat meals, and bottled water should be among the supplies you keep within arm’s reach should a storm threaten our area.

Hurricanes are a part of our reality here in South Florida, and the recent devastation caused by Hurricane Ida is a grim reminder of the power these storms contain. As a resident of an area frequently impacted by hurricanes, you should take this opportunity to ensure you are fully prepared for a strong storm. There are steps any homeowner can take to better prepare their families and their homes for a hurricane. Take action today to further insulate yourself from the potential devastation caused by a powerful storm, and remember that People’s Insurance Claim Center is here to help should you sustain property damage during a hurricane. Call us for a free claim analysis at 305-956-3666 any time, or for answers to any questions you have about hurricane preparedness!

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