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How to Determine if a Public Adjuster is Right for You

Now that you have decided it is in your best interests to retain a Public Adjuster you must decide which firm to employ. There are many companies to choose from, all with varying specialties and degrees of experience in the field. You should seek out a Public Adjuster whose expertise aligns with the specifics of your situation. There are several questions you should ask as well as things to look out for when determining which Public Adjuster is right for you. Here are a few tips to help you identify the right firm for your situation.

First, you should be very wary of any Public Adjuster soliciting you immediately following a loss which should be covered by your homeowner’s policy. These predatory practices are common among less reputable firms who will make all kinds of promises before they even review the damage you’ve suffered or the terms of your homeowner’s insurance policy. It is best to rebuff any advances from firms who engage in either of these practices, as such behavior portends an unsatisfactory resolution due to incompetence or negligence on their part.

As you are vetting those Public Adjustment firms in the running for your business, you should ask them to provide references from past clients whom they’ve completed claims for. A Public Adjuster should be able to provide several references, as well as a copy of their proposed contract so you can review their terms and fees. A reputable Public Adjuster will charge in the neighborhood of 20% for their services on a claim expected to net five figures. The higher the estimated payout for the claim, the lower the Public Adjuster’s percentage should be.

As with all significant financial decisions in life, you should carefully consider your options and take your time in deciding on a Public Adjuster. If you have a gut feeling about a particular firm or are feeling pressured into signing a contract, you should take a step back and assess the situation. A reputable firm would not push you to commit to a contract you haven’t read and understood in its entirety and should therefore be eliminated as an option. Often our instincts about people prove accurate, so if you have met with a Public Adjuster and have an uneasy feeling about him or her, trust your instincts and choose another firm.

It is important to pick a Public Adjuster who will best serve your needs during the claims process. There are a plethora of Public Adjuster firms in South Florida today, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. A reputable firm with the right knowledge and expertise can make all the difference when it comes to the amount of money recovered for your claim.

Call the People’s Insurance Claim Center today at 305-956-3666 and receive a free claim analysis so we may review your situation and formulate a proposal, allowing you to compare us to the competition and make an informed decision.

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