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How Much will a Public Adjuster Cost Me?

Property owners invariably pose this question to public adjusters upon an initial consultation: How much will your services cost me? The short answer is nothing, but the compensation structure for public adjusters deserves a closer look so you as a property owner can better understand how these professionals are appropriately compensated for services rendered. After all, nothing in this world comes free, so let’s examine how your public adjuster gets paid for handling your claim against your insurance company.

Industry standard dictates that public adjusters receive a percentage of the total funds recovered from an insurance carrier as payment for handling the claims process. This prevents any undue financial burden on property owners, as there are no out of pocket costs to retain the services of a public adjuster. Additionally, this compensation plan ensures a public adjuster is motivated to advocate on behalf of the property owner; the more funds are recovered from the insurer the more your public adjuster will make. This means of payment for public adjusters has shown to be most beneficial to all parties involved, requiring no up front payment from the property owner and no surprise bills at the end of the process.

Usually the next question from property owners is something to the effect of “won’t the public adjuster fee leave less money for my property repairs?” While it is true the funds for your public adjuster are coming out of your final claim settlement, all those involved have the benefit of foresight throughout the process. At People’s Insurance Claim Center, we enter into the negotiations with your insurance carrier having already factored in our fee on top of the estimated cost of repairs to your property. This is one reason we offer a complimentary claim analysis for all our clients - there are situations where a claim is not a candidate for a public adjuster to handle due to financial constraints surrounding the claim itself. Any reputable public adjuster firm will ensure that your final claim settlement includes sufficient funds to properly repair and restore your home to its previous condition even after their fee for services rendered is subtracted from the total.

As a home or business owner, keeping your costs down factors in to most of the decisions you make regarding your property. This concern becomes even more important should you sustain damage to your home or business, as repair bills cna quickly run into the thousands or even tens of thousands. It is for exactly this reason that enlisting the help of a public adjuster is in your best interests, as your insurance company’s adjuster is motivated to keep costs down for their business just as you are motivated to keep costs down for yourself. At People’s Insurance Claim Center, our dedicated and experienced adjusters are valuable members of your team, advocating on your behalf to ensure a claim settlement which adequately covers both our fees and the cost of repairs to your property. Call us today at 305-956-3666 and let us provide you a free claim analysis so you can better understand how we can help you get your home or business back to pristine condition quickly and easily!

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