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How is a Public Adjuster Compensated?

Now that you know what a Public Adjuster is and how they can help you, you are likely wondering how exactly these professionals are paid. Money is a big motivator, and indeed one of the reasons you should seek the help of a public adjuster is to avoid leaving yourself at the mercy of an insurance adjuster whose loyalties ultimately lie with the insurance carrier. Who, then, foots the bill for the public adjuster - who is motivating their performance?

Public Adjusters are paid out of the final settlement of your insurance claim. In effect, both you and your insurance carrier are paying for the services of your public adjuster, which keeps any untoward pressure out of the equation. Your public adjuster is very much on your side in terms of ensuring your rights are defended and you get all the financial compensation you are entitled to, while at the same time properly reading and interpreting the terms and limitations of your insurance policy to ensure the insurance company is paying out an appropriate sum. As you can see, a balance is struck between the best interests of the insured and the terms and limits of the policy established by the insurer.

Often people ask us why they should bother retaining the services of a public adjuster if the result is money coming out of their final settlement to pay the bill. This is a logical question, but bear in mind for large insurance claims, a public adjuster could net a property owner an additional five figures in their final claim payout, while the bill due for services rendered would only be in the four figure range. At People’s Insurance Claim Center, we offer a free claim analysis up front in order to determine whether it is worthwhile retaining our services based on the details of your situation. This is to ensure your claim is substantial enough that a public adjuster will make a significant difference in your final settlement amount.

Public Adjusters are an intermediary between you, the homeowner, and your insurance carrier. They evaluate the damage to your property, determine reasonable estimates for repairs, and negotiate on your behalf with your insurance company to get you a fair settlement. It would seem that you would be responsible for your public adjuster’s fee given all they do for you as the homeowner, but in fact a public adjuster works for you at no out of pocket cost! Instead, a portion of your final settlement goes to cover their services rendered. If you have recently sustained damage to your home or business and are overwhelmed by the claims process, call People’s Insurance Claim Center at 305-956-3666 and let us provide you a free claim analysis to determine if your insurance claim would benefit from the assistance of our services.

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