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Choosing a Contractor to Complete Property Repairs

When your home or business requires regular maintenance or repair, you likely opt for the most reasonably priced service provider in order to minimize your out of pocket costs. While this route is best for your wallet, when it comes to more substantial repairs or rebuilds which occur after a catastrophe, the cheapest provider is not the best option for you. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you pick a service provider to restore your home or business to its original working order.

When it comes to more intensive structural repairs, you want to be certain the contractor you pick has the appropriate experience and licensure in order to properly complete the necessary repairs. You should always ask to see your repair professional’s licenses, as proper licenses are required for them to be able to have your repair job properly permitted and documented with the local municipal government. Additionally, you should look for a contractor who has years of experience in the South Florida area, as this will ensure they are familiar with the sort of damage your property has sustained and the best way to go about the repair process.

Obviously, cost is a major concern for every property owner when it comes to necessary repairs. Your insurance carrier will have a similar view, and will look to minimize their costs by attempting to lowball the estimates for your repair and replacement costs. You should avoid choosing the contractor who submits the lowest bid, as when it comes to major home repairs cheapest is not usually best. This is where a public adjuster is a good person to have on your team - they can advocate on your behalf with the insurance company in order to negotiate a more reasonable settlement for your claim so you may choose a competent professional to complete any required work. This is a great reason to consider retaining a public adjuster, but even if you choose to handle your claim on your own you should avoid having the cheapest contractor complete repairs to your home unless their reputation and experience speak to their competence as well.

Choosing a contractor to complete major repairs is an important part of recovering from a catastrophic event at your property. While cost should be a consideration during this process, it should not be the most important factor when deciding on a service provider. It would be in your best interests to enlist the help of a public adjuster when it comes to handling your claim with your insurer, as this will ensure you are adequately compensated for your claim so you do not have to sacrifice quality when it comes to completing the restoration of your home or business. At People’s Insurance Claim Center, we have years of experience helping South Floridians recover from storm damage and other unfortunate events which lead to destruction of property. Call us today at 305-956-3666 and let us provide a free claim analysis so we can help you resolve this situation as quickly and painlessly as possible!

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